Intelligence Clients

Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM)
CALNET, Inc. is a prime contractor in support of INSCOM on the Omnibus III contract providing intelligence services within INSCOM HQ, and its Major Supporting Commands (MSCs).  Our analysis aid INSCOM in successfully completing intelligence support requirements for the Army to include its COCOM intelligence support requirements.  CALNET, Inc. provides the full spectrum of our intelligence services to INSCOM; conducting Intelligence Analysis, C4ISR support, and training support.  We deploy personnel across the world to meet INSCOM’s mission requirements. 

Joint IED Defeat Organization (JIEDDO)
CALNET, Inc. assisted in the establishment of  JIEDDO’s Counter IED Operations Integration Center (COIC) in June 2006.  CALNET, Inc. provides our full range of intelligence services to JIEDDO.   Our analysts provided many of the new intelligence concepts and analysis techniques adopted and standardized within the COIC.  CALNET, Inc. trained new personnel, assisted with the integration of new databases and IT requirements.  We continue to support JIEDDO not only at the COIC but within its Headquarters as well.

National Geospatial Agency
CALNET, Inc. is a proud partner of the BAH EPASS team for NGA.   We have been a part of this team since 2006 providing analysts to NGA for their Production "P" Division.  CALNET, Inc. has performed work for NGA as part of the Persistent Surveillance Test Bed assisting NGA by hosting a Persistent Surveillance Technology Industry Day, working with the Motion Imager Standards Board for both GMTI data and Constant Hawk data, and integrating Constant Hawk data into NGA servers for IC access. 


CALNET, Inc. provides intelligence services to many of the Intelligence Community organizations including DIA, DHS, NGA, NSA, NASIC, NCTC and the military services.