Doing Business with CALNET, Inc.

CALNET, Inc. grew significantly in recent years and has transformed itself as a major player in the Government Sector. CALNET, Inc. is a debt free company with a  conservative management  and a strong commitment to our customers. To maintain a competitive advantage, CALNET, Inc. teams with best-in-class large and small businesses to complement our services strategy and to offer our clients comprehensive, innovative solutions. CALNET, Inc. is always on the look-out for outstanding business partners to provide a superior quality of service to our customers along the road to greater success.

Whether you’re a small business, large business, or minority institution, we value your interest in partnering with us. All of our teaming partners bring valuable experience and niche capabilities and enable CALNET, Inc. to provide superior service to our customers. For our small-business partners, we provide guidance, assistance, and mentoring. We thank you for your interest in CALNET, Inc. and look forward to doing business with you.

Please contact us at to learn how we can partner together.