CALNET, Inc. provides a comprehensive benefits package to its employees and eligible dependents. A brief summary of these benefits appears below. Please note that all benefit programs may not apply to all employees.

Comprehensive Healthcare Coverage for you and your eligible dependent(s)
PPO Option
HMO Option
Dental Coverage
Vision Coverage

Life and Income Protection
Group Term Life and Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance
Short-term Disability
Long-term Disability

Personal Leave
Eligible employees accrue personal leave each pay period. Personal leave provides paid time off for vacation, personal business, medical purposes and short-term illnesses. Accrual rates vary based on years of service with the Company.

Paid Time Off
Holidays - Most CALNET, Inc. employees are eligible for 10 holidays during the year.
Bereavement Leave
Jury Duty
Military Duty Leave

Retirement Plan
To assist employees in achieving long-term financial goals, CALNET, Inc. offers an outstanding 401(k) plan to eligible employees. Through payroll deductions, eligible employees can defer a certain percentage of salary (subject to IRS limits) to the 401(k) plan.

Certain service requirements must be met before participating and receiving credit in the 401(k). Employees are eligible to participate upon attainment of age 21 and three (3) months of employment with CALNET, Inc.

Education Assistance
CALNET, Inc. believes that education leads to self-improvement and recognizes that the skills and knowledge of its employees are critical to the success of the organization; therefore, CALNET, Inc. encourages higher education. In order to receive reimbursement under the program, courses taken must be (1) part of an accredited degree program and (2) pre-authorized by CALNET, Inc. as having direct relevance to the current job function.

Training and Professional Development
Knowledge, training and continuing education are critical components of CALNET, Inc.'s success. CALNET, Inc. encourages all interested employees to take advantage of continuing education opportunities and job specific training by enrolling in industry and technical training such as work-related seminars, conferences, workshops and certification programs, to keep up to date on emerging technologies and to keep skills aligned with our business goals.

Questions about Benefits?
Questions or comments regarding CALNET, Inc.'s benefits can be directed to the Human Resources Department, 12359 Sunrise Valley Drive, Suite 270, Reston, VA 20191, or by calling (703) 547-6800.