There are many reasons to take a position in a new company. Among them are reasons such as better work, job security, more money, better benefits, quality of life, less commute time etc. You know the reasons. A person may not be right for every company and a company may not be right for every person.

At CALNET, Inc. we offer assignments which are challenging every day, where you look forward to going to work every day. It's success at every level: personal, professional, and financial. It's an atmosphere of growth and learning and pushing your professional boundaries. CALNET, Inc. offers a competitive benefit package and unlike many companies, CALNET, Inc. does not require its employees to partake in a probationary period of three to twelve months prior to their being eligible for company benefits. All full-time employees are eligible for benefits including a 401K plan on their date of hire. What does CALNET, Inc. expect in return for this generous benefit package? 

We want individuals who are motivated to succeed because CALNET, Inc. will succeed through the success of our employees. We want team players who can uphold the CALNET, Inc. name at our customers, be dedicated employees, and act for the good of the team and the benefit of the customers. CALNET, Inc. also hires a select few "independent consultants" for certain positions. If you have what it takes, we want you! Come join the CALNET, Inc. team!