CALNET provides agile development in SCRUM, Kanban, Extreme, and others.

CALNET is an agile company from the C-Level Executives down to every aspect of our work. Our philosophy is to be transparent and communicate often with our employees. Our own CTO, David Callner, is a Certified Scrum Master from ScumAlliance that shows our commitment at the Executive level for embracing agile as a way of doing business. All employees are trained in the agile methodology to provide best value, transparent, and flexible services to our customers

We use a number of agile processes for performing software development (Scrum, Kanban, Extreme, and other).

CALNET’s Agile Services provide the following benefits:  

  • Stakeholder Engagement. Our agile development approach enables open collaboration between our development teams and our customers.
  • Rapid Delivery. We use 2-4week sprints, and we are able to deliver new features quickly with high confidence of stability.
  • Program Transparency. With tools like JIRA, and daily stand-ups with customer to provide complete understanding and clarity into the progress made or any impediments.
  • Agility. Changes to business rules or customer experience enhancements can be changed on a sprint-by-sprint basis by continuously grooming the product backlog.