Big Data

Leverage the benefits of big data in the cloud.

CALNET’s focus on Big Data is providing real-time operations that stream data and event processing to enable decisions "on the fly." Data, analytics, and decision-making are not the exclusive domain of data scientists. Everyone from executives to line-of-business staff makes decisions.

We provide solutions such as data-driven decision making and unified information access, tied to organizational goals of improved effectiveness, quality at scale and rapid innovation through shared services, data governance, and analytics

CALNET’s Big Data Solutions provide the following benefits:  

  • Understand Your Risk. With our predictive analytical solutions, we enable customers to merge relevant data from social media feeds, and all internal databases.
  • Better Customer Service. Our solutions provide customers access profile data in real-time to understand their needs in a much faster and more intuitive way than ever before.
  • New Revenue Streams. Providing data from analyzing markets and consumer trends we are able to provide great insight into future markets that allow our customers to identify new products and services to sell to their customers.