CALNET provides a strong security foundation with interconnected solutions that span the enterprise.

CALNET’s Cybersecurity Services perform the following:

Protect. Gaining the institutional understanding to identify what systems need to be protected, assess priority in light of organizational mission, and manage processes to achieve cost effective risk management goals.

Prevent. Categories of management, technical, and operational activities that enable the organization to decide on the appropriate outcome-based actions to ensure adequate protection against threats to business systems that support critical infrastructure components.

Detect. Activities that identify (through ongoing monitoring or other means of observation) the presence of undesirable cyber risk events, and the processes to assess the potential impact of those events.

Respond. Specific risk management decisions and activities enacted based upon previously implemented planning relative to estimated impact.

Recover. Categories of management, technical, and operational activities that restore services that have previously been impaired through an undesirable cybersecurity risk event. CALNET deploys people, processes, and technologies to provide industry-leading cyber defense and integrated threat management. We provide solutions for Cyber Security Operations Centers that terminate advanced threats and provide secure IT infrastructures.