Our DevOps approach provides continuous integration, monitoring, testing, and development.

CALNET works closely with clients to transform their legacy development and operation teams to one cohesive team that provides a unified continuous integration, automated testing, automated configuration, automated deployment, and automated metric collection process.

Our DevOps approach enables customers to treat infrastructure the same as application source code by providing continuous integration that eliminates the excess cycle time for getting a fix to production, significantly reduces the backlog of existing production defects, and removes any lengthy outage windows.

CALNET’s DevOps Services provide the following benefits:  

  • Reduces Release Complexity. Removing manual steps through automation, and using infrastructure as code we are able to simplify the complexities involved for our customers.
  • Faster Feedback Cycles. Automated deployment steps allow our customers to deploy quickly, and provide feedback on product development, and overall user experience.
  • Reduced Product Risk. Deployments are automated thus removing manual error-prone steps.