Software AG's XML Mediator Uses Adaptive Technology to Improve the Speed and Efficiency of XML Document Integration

May 8 , 2002

ORLANDO, Florida, May 8, 2002 -- At its Experience 2002 User Conference in Orlando, Florida, Software AG, Inc., the U.S. subsidiary of Software AG, Europe's largest systems software provider and a pioneer in XML technologies, today announced the general availability of XML Mediator, a tool for building XML information exchange hubs. XML Mediator manages XML interactions that discover relevant information and uses that information to trigger behavior, such as routing documents or messages to an appropriate destination or transforming the content to other XML formats or presentation styles such as HTML, PDF or WML.

Enterprises face a major integration challenge when dealing with diverse XML vocabularies. Some potential XML users are waiting for official standards to emerge in their industry before proceeding, but such standards require a degree of consensus that is difficult to achieve in competitive industries. XML Mediator provides a framework for addressing this problem in much the same way as humans have addressed it for centuries: discover patterns in the information, translate it to a more familiar terminology, and transcribe it into some standardized form.

Industries such as healthcare, insurance, energy, chemical and petroleum are defining XML-based standards that simplify information exchange. XML Mediator has the ability to support data exchange standards such as ACORD, IFX, FIXML, PIDX and CIDX.

"With many XML vocabularies and data standards emerging, companies are looking for ways to manage complexity and accommodate diversity," said Gary Voight, president and CEO, Software AG, Inc. "XML Mediator is an innovative, lightweight tool that employs XML to facilitate many of the business decisions required to process information that is increasingly being distributed in XML form."

Voight continued, "We believe that over time, many companies will use XML-based services to replace or augment existing middleware systems. XML Mediator further demonstrates our commitment to provide end-to-end and top-to-bottom solutions to enhance the flow of information between partners."

"There is an unmet need in the market for simple integration," said Beth Gold-Bernstein, vice president of strategic products and services, "XML Mediator enables a tactical approach to integration that also delivers flexibility."

XML Mediator will help companies integrate XML documents with reduced implementation time and reduced dependence on proprietary business integration tools. XML Mediator automates processing and dispatching of XML documents by applying rules based on the content and/or structure of the document. Because routing rules can be modified dynamically, new applications for specific tasks can be added automatically without modifying existing applications. XML Mediator also provides intuitive, GUI-driven XML integration.

CALNET, a Software AG partner and a leading provider of information technology solutions, has deployed XML Mediator as part of its XML B2B data exchange solution. "We are helping our customers increase their competitive advantage by deploying advanced XML business frameworks utilizing Software AG products such as Mediator and Tamino," said Rolin Hua, senior vice president of CALNET. "Our customers are experiencing immediate results in projects that support company operations, customer service, self-serve and exchange applications."

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