CALNET, Inc. provides advisors who are Western-oriented professionals originally from Iraq or Afghanistan who can communicate in English and the languages of their origin. These advisors are very well educated with a Bachelors, Masters or PhDs and have a significant subject matter expertise in various aspects of Iraq and Afghanistan to include Oil & Petroleum, Electrical, Energy, Rule of Law, Detention Operations, Urban Planning, Irrigation, Economic Development, Governance, Medical etc and have been a significant help to our Armed Forces in understanding the Iraqi and Afghan cultures, their infrastructure and have been instrumental in assisting their countries of birth re-establish themselves as democratic countries. Each SME is a fully vetted, degreed professional able to provide professional service, advice, and assistance in their area of subject matter expertise to US and Coalition organizations supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) in Iraq and Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF -A) in Afghanistan. Our SME’s are committed to reconstruction efforts, democratic reforms in Iraq and Afghanistan and to bringing western values to their country of origin.

Our Iraqi SME’s are experts in their field and are fluent in English and Arabic (AD) or Iraqi Dialect (DG) or Kurdish (KU). They have been instrumental in bringing about a change in the quality of life in Iraq.

Our Afghan SME’s are also experts in their fields and posses fluency in English and Pashto (PU) or Dari (PG), or Farsi (PF) or Urdu (UR). These experts have pledged to assist their country of birth, assist with rebuilding and provide hope to the many people who have come to look up to the United States of America as their only hope of bringing about democratic reform and better their quality of life.

CALNET, Inc. has been instrumental in providing BBA’s which have supported the U.S Armed Forces in their missions in IRAQ and AFGHANISTAN.