C4ISR Support

CALNET’s knowledge of C4ISR comes from our vast experience in operations and deployment of intelligence assets. CALNET has been on the forefront of the changing doctrine of “stove pipe” systems to all inclusive “full picture” operations. This has come from many of our senior personnel’s experience in intelligence operations since 9/11. Gone are the days of separating functional “INTs”. Only complete holistic knowledge can provide the intelligence necessary to make accurate and timely decisions. This applies across all levels of command.

Providing this knowledge down to the last tactical mile is a must to provide U.S. leaders with the most accurate and timely information possible. CALNET has helped to make this a top priority within DoD. Our primary efforts have been in bringing together both the analysts and the data from all the various functional intelligence fields. Right after 9/11 our personnel started combining the various intelligence analysts into combined teams. Teams were led by an all source analysts and consisted of analysts from each field. All the analysts were advised on every aspect of the mission requirements. This had a synergistic effect on their understanding of the mission and allowed them to produce more relevant results from their analysis within their field. Additionally, this sped up the process of being able to correlate data from one field with another resulting in more action intelligence with a higher confidence rating.

These efforts eventually led into other efforts within C4ISR. We helped push the development of new technologies into open formats of communication and data that made sharing data easier. Once the data was in the system, we also had to make it readily available to all users and the final products available to all commands. Displaying this information in a functional and easy to understand way became paramount. This combined with making command decisions and passing those down to operators on the ground. Not only did this apply to the operators performing missions but came full circle to tasking of ISR assets. Our team helped change policy and procedures to enhance collection capabilities to account for the new tactics, techniques, and procedures for that program.

Our team has assessed and evaluated various C4ISR programs under several ISR contracts. This has included command and control programs and ISR tasking and tracking programs. Our team of personnel have provided assessments and recommended enhancements to a wide variety of C4ISR programs. We have lead software development of two separate programs.

CALNET’s senior intelligence leadership has helped to push the C4ISR envelope in the right direction.