Intelligence Analysis

CALNET provides the full spectrum of experience within intelligence analysis to answer any organization’s requirements. This experience spans strategic, operational, and tactical levels. Our experience within each intelligence specialty covers not only the basic skills necessary to perform analysis, but also the in-depth knowledge of the technologies and equipment that are necessary and assist in performing these basic skills and task. This is the difference between being able to read a radar image and knowing why the radar image looks as it does along with all the various factors that affect it.

CALNET analysts have been at the forefront of many recent new developments within the Intelligence community. This includes new operational and analysis techniques of older platforms. This also includes newer technologies such as Wide Area Motion Imagery (WAMI) and the platforms associated with it. Not only was CALNET part of the team that led the operation concepts for these platforms, but we helped develop exploitation tools) for them. Finally, as the lead for development we created all the initial training programs and users guides.

Intelligence analysis is more than just exploiting basic products. It encompasses the full understanding of the intelligence operations cycle along with knowledge of the platforms and technology necessary to produce those basic products. CALNET trains our analysis to have this complete knowledge to provide our customers the very best quality in intelligence analysis.

CALNET analysts have the breadth and depth of knowledge to meet any mission.