FLS Role Players

CALNET, Inc. currently provides FLS training services at several army installations throughout the United States and has successfully supported Brigades, Infantry Divisions, NAVY Seals, Marine MARSOC, Army Rangers, JIEDDO, Army Special Forces etc. This work is performed under our INSCOM Exercise Services Support IDIQ award.

CALNET, Inc. provides cleared and force protection screened FLS who are proficient in Modern Standard Arabic, Iraqi Dialect, Pashto , Farsi, Dari, URDU etc as well as in English. CALNET, Inc. has supported Capstone Exercises which are the final pre-deployment exercise for Military Transition Teams prior to their deployment to Iraq or Afghanistan. CALNET, Inc. FLS Role Players have been very effective during these exercises in a number of key roles including brigade/battalion commanders and staff, town mayors, sheiks, interpreters and other important roles. CALNET, Inc. FLS Role Players act as key role players during this training which is designed to train Military Transition Team Leaders on cultural differences and effective ways to communicate with Iraqi or Afghan Leaders through interpreters. Some of the Training Scenarios include Cordon Searches, Mass Protest Simulations (MPS), Angry Villagers, Detainee Operations, Foreign Insurgent Teams, Leadership Training Program (LTP), Cultural Awareness, Traffic Control Point, Interaction with local populace etc. CALNET, Inc. Role Players are very effective in playing these roles as well as providing invaluable feedback to the Transition Team Leaders.

The mission of the FLS’s is to provide realistic scenario training similar to what soldiers will encounter in the war zone by inhabiting mock Middle Eastern or Afghan villages on U.S. military posts or bases, complete with mosques, police stations, markets, homes, and office buildings. The FLS role players train the soldiers in Middle Eastern language, dress, and cultural realism. They all act as local inhabitants performing scenarios which the military training personnel for each brigade deem necessary. To enhance realism, CALNET, Inc. can also provide blank firing AK-47s, RPK machine guns, PKM machine guns, and inert Rocket Propelled Grenades (RPG-7s). CALNET, Inc. can enhance the realism by providing additional props such as culturally correct civilian clothing for villages, leaders, religious leaders, military personnel, police etc and prayer rugs and beads. CALNET, Inc. has worked in close coordination with the military to develop and enhance culturally authentic, realistic and challenging training scenarios.

Adaptation and flexibility are the essential elements of our FLS Role Player operations. This is due to the complexity and intricacy of these missions. CALNET, Inc. has the ability to provide FLS services on a large scale with very little notice.

CALNET, Inc. adheres to strict security requirements and vetting processes to insure our Armed Forces get the best possible training while maintaining operational security.